Sacred Heart College Mankon started in some classroom of the R.C. M. Big Mankon on the Saturday 21st January 1961, following the admission of some 27 boys who originally wrote the entrance examination into Sasse College and were selected to start SAHECO to cater for the boys from Bamenda region.

The Pioneer Principal was Rev. Fr. Mulligan
Principals since creation:
Father Thomas Mulligan, MHM 1961 – 1963
Father Mathew Minto, MHM 1963 – 1964
Father Martin Van Der Werff, MHM 1964 – 1965
Brother Vincent Traynor 1965 – 1969
Brother Justine Keady 1969 – 1970
Brother John Phillips 1970 – 1988
Brother Norbert Simms (Acting) 1981 – 1982, 1989 – 1990
Brother Joseph Mc Kee 1988/1989, 1990 – 1993
Father Clement Nze 1993 – 2002
Father John B. Ambe 2002 – 2007
Father Micheal Kintang 2007 –

The teaching staff and students were drawn from multiple nationalities and religious denominations.

On 8the July 1965, the college was officially opened by Hon Augustine Ngong Jua – the late former Prime Minister of West Cameroon.

In 1971, the college celebrated its 10th Anniversary with the conspicuous absence of “the old boys”

In 1978, the high school (science department took off followed by the arts department a few years later).

As at now, the college has enrolled over 6.300 students.


The growth of the association and the persistent excellent performances of SAHECO at the G.C.E (scoring 100% yearly) soon attracted the envy of many asunder that attributed this success to “the leaking of examination questions to the students by the college authorities”. This notion was, later dispelled when a team of G.C.E. examiners came from London to supervise the GCE at Sacred Heart College in particular. SHESA did not take this challenge or false accusation lightly. We quickly organized and completely sponsored the 20th anniversary which was heavily attended by the ex-students, their wives and children and local and administrative authorities and His Lordship Bishop Tumi (Bishop of Yagua and Paul Verdsekov of Bamenda), Mr. Mathias Ofon came all the way from USA bringing along a set of encyclopedia as a gift to the college, a move that was heavily applauded.

During the ceremony, the following longest members of staff were decorated traditionally by H.R.M Fon Angwafor III of Mankon on behalf of the ex-students for meritorious services to the college:

1. Rev. Brother John Phillips (Principal)
2. Rev. Brother Norbert Simms (Vice Principal)
3. Mr. Anthony Mbuyonga (Senior Tutor)
4. Mr. S. Mbuye
5. Mr. Evaristus Kusia (Head clerk)
6. Mr. Cletus (Flourist).

Various anniversary speeches highlighted the secret behind our success- HARDWORK AND DISCIPLINE.

Ex-students contributed 20 000 FRS each towards the success of the event. A list of all contributors was published for the appreciation of all members. We declared this event a rehearsal for a very prominent celebration of our Silver Jubilee which was scheduled for January 1986.


After successfully celebrating the 20th anniversary of SAHECO – January 1981, we immediately embarked on the preparation for the jubilee – 1986. we moved the venue of the AGM from Bamenda to Limbe, Douala and Yaounde in a bit to sensitize the branches towards the event.

Silver jubilee levies stood at 25 000 FRS each for various activities envisaged. Financial contributions were on going at branch level and national level towards the date of the event, the silver jubilee committee was appointed and all funs collected were transferred to the committee whose treasurer was resident in Yaoundé. At the eve of the celebration, only partial sums of money was transferred to Bamenda through the Principal SAHECO – Rev. Br. John Phillips from a personal account. Huge outstanding moneys unaccounted for by the committee. This was the beginning of a big trouble for SHESA.

Dr. Herman Maimo (late) – (1st batch) ordered the tarring of the road in and around the college as a gift to the school from his ministerial department towards the celebration of the jubilee.

However, in spite of this discrepancy, - the mismanagement of funs, the celebration went on successfully, jointly sponsored by the SHESA and the PTA. This situation dissuaded many members from further active participation. All attempts to resolve this matter by the National Executive and subsequent General Assemblies failed. The failure to celebrate the Rubby Jubilee could partially attribute to this. It was finally resolved in one General Assembly summoned by Mr. John Lukong Fondzenyuy (1st batch) to call this situation to rest and take it into serious consideration for future event.